If you have been playing FPS games all your life, you probably haven’t heard of this game. However, you will be surprised to hear that Age of Empires is a super popular video game. Age of Empires also has its own eSports scene with regular eSports events taking place.

Another thing that might surprise you is that betting on Age of Empires is also very popular. If you too want to participate in Age of Empires betting, you should learn more about Age of Empires betting odds. Luckily for you, Age of Empires betting odds is something that we will explain here in great detail.

Everything you need to know about Age of Empires betting odds

You might think that you don’t need to learn Age of Empires betting odds because the betting process is quite simple. To a certain extent, you would be right because Age of Empires betting or any other type of eSports betting is inherently quite simple.

Let’s take the example of an eSports match between TheViper and DauT. Suppose you have a strong belief about which player will win the match.

You choose a bookmaker and bet on the player you think is most likely to win. If you are right about the outcome, you win some money in addition to your bet. However, if you are wrong, you lose your bet amount. It seems simple.

Well, this is just a basic explanation of how betting works. From this explanation, you won’t know exactly how much you will get in return if you win and you won’t be able to guess what the odds are for the specific outcomes of the actual match.

However, both of these things are explained by betting odds. For this reason, you should learn more about Age of Empires betting odds before you start betting on eSports events like Age of Empires Gold League.

Explanation of Age of Empires betting odds

As we mentioned above, Age of Empires betting odds tell you two important details about the outcome of an Age of Empires match or event. First of all, Age of Empires betting odds tell you the exact return you will get when placing a specific amount.

Why is this useful? Well, if you know the exact profit you will get from the amount you bet, you will get a better idea of whether the risk is worth the return. For example, if the bet is very risky and you will only get $20 if you bet $100, you might not go for it. However, if the bet is not that risky and you get $70 in return for betting $100 then you might go for it.

The second important thing that Age of Empires betting odds tell you about an outcome is the probability of it happening. Knowing about the probability of an event will also help you understand whether it is worth the risk or not.

Both of these things are important information. However, to get this information, you need to know how to read the odd format types, which are explained in the next section.

Types of Age of Empires Esports betting odds

For Age of Empires betting you can find a total of three types of betting odds. These types are also called odd formats for Age of Empire betting. The three formats for Age of Empire betting include decimal format, fractional format and American format.

Fractional odds

The fractional format uses a fraction to represent the odds of an outcome, for example 4/1 or 3/2. 4/1 odds are pronounced as four to one. With fractional odds, the first number represents the amount of money you will receive if you bet on the second number and win.

For example, if you bet $1 with fractional odds of 4/1, you will receive $4 in exchange for winning the bet. If you bet $5, you will receive $20 in return (5×4). Since this is more than double the profit, 4/1 odds also suggest that the odds of the outcome are low.

Decimal odds

Another simple odd format is the decimal format. In decimal format, odds have a number with a decimal fraction, for example 1.5 or 2.5. Decimal odds represent the exact multiple you will receive in return if you win, which in the case of 1.5 odds is equal to 1.5 times your stake.

So if you bet $100 on an outcome with odds of 1.5, you will make a total profit of $150. Since this is less than double the profit, the odds of 1.5 also indicate that the probability of the outcome is high.

American Odds

Finally, we have American Odds. They use a number and a negative or positive sign to represent the odds. Odds of -120 means you will need to bet $120 to win $100 and odds of +120 means you will get $120 if you bet $100.

Where to find the best Age of Empires odds

Age of Empires betting odds will help you decide if the risk is worth it. However, if you look at Age of Empires betting odds at several different bookmakers, you’ll see that for some bookmakers, the risk is worth it, while for others it’s not worth the risk.

You may ask why this is so? The fact is that not all bookmakers have the same odds. In one bookmaker you might get $20 for a $100 bet while in other bookmakers you might get $25. You might think that this is not that big of a difference, but it might make a certain bet a viable option.

Even if this is not the case, there is no reason to use betting odds that will not bring you a consistent profit. For this reason, you should always look for the best betting odds on Age of Empires.

However, when you start looking for a bookmaker with the best Age of Empires betting odds, you will immediately realize that it is a time-consuming process. If you don’t want to waste all that time, you can check esportranker.com where you can find betting sites with the best Age of Empires betting odds.

Best Live Age of Empires betting odds

Live of Empires betting odds are those used for Live of Empires betting. In this type of betting, you bet on an Age of Empires eSports match that is taking place in real time. This way, you can see all the action and then decide which bet you will place based on how the match is playing out.

The thing about Age of Empires live betting odds is that they are constantly changing depending on how the match is unfolding. When one outcome becomes more likely, the betting odds start to change. With such changing odds, you can sometimes find great opportunities, especially if you have much more knowledge about the game.

For this reason, experienced bettors should always take advantage of these live betting odds whenever they have the opportunity.

Bet on Age of Empires for real money

If you are thinking about betting on the Age of Empires eSports event for real money, then you are in luck as there are plenty of online platforms where you can do so. Not only that, the process is very simple.

To bet on Age of Empires for real money, you need to find a bookmaker that offers Age of Empires betting markets. After that, register with that bookmaker and make deposits using real money such as Visa or MasterCard. When this is done, find an event that the bookmaker covers, browse the betting markets and place a bet on the outcome that you think is likely.

You may be thinking about betting real money on Age of Empires. If you are an experienced Age of Empires player and know a lot about its eSports, real money betting on Age of Empires might be a great choice for you.

Frequently asked questions

Can I bet on Age of Empires for real money?

Yes, you can bet on Age of Empires for real money. Age of Empires eSports events occur regularly every year and plenty of online bookmakers offer betting on them.

What do Age of Empires betting odds tell you?

Age of Empires betting odds tell you two main things. First, they tell you the exact amount you will receive for winning a bet. Secondly, they tell you the probability that you will win the bet.

Is it safe to bet on Age of Empires?

Betting on Age of Empires is one hundred percent safe, but only as long as you use legitimate and reputable betting platforms. You can get scammed on illegal platforms.

Are the betting odds for Age of Empires live better?

It depends on how experienced you are. If you are an experienced player, you can find great opportunities with live betting odds. However, you can try them even if you don’t have a ton of experience.

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