When it comes to betting on sports, many conservative punters refer to traditional events, but recently cybersports have become more and more popular. Statistics show that the number of fans of virtual tournaments exceeds twice the number of viewers of the popular Formula 1, and their number is increasing exponentially. Not surprisingly, betting on FIFA and other eSports events is becoming increasingly popular and occupies a prominent place in the lines of top bookmakers.

Varieties of cyber football

When choosing a cyber football strategy, beginners should distinguish two types of computer games. The first one is virtual football played by real people, where gamers use joysticks to control the players. The second one is a fully virtual football event where the game is played according to computer algorithms from the beginning to the end. They are also called computer simulation.

If a trainer chooses a computerized simulation, it is called cyber football. The spectator has nothing to do – the result of the match will be calculated according to special algorithms, which are kept strictly secret. The second variant, cybersport, implies that the virtual players on the screen are controlled by real people. The fame of the virtual players does not really matter as the outcome of the match is usually decided by the skill of the trainer.

Available betting options

The bookmakers offer the player the following types of bets on cyber football and cybersport encounters:

The outcome of the match. The bettor has to guess which team will win or determine a draw as the most likely result.
Handicap. The number of goals chosen is added (or subtracted) to the result of one of the opponents.
Total. Total number of goals sent into the goal at the end of regular time. Individual total only takes into account the goals of a particular team.
Other outcomes. In addition to those listed, the trader can bet on the exact score of the game, the outcome of the first or second half, which of the opponents will be able to unlock the goals, etc.

FIFA betting strategies

Beginners often bet without having a strategy, an approach that results in an inevitable losing deposit. Experienced punters follow a specific strategy and look for the kind of cyber football events they are betting on to ensure a regular income.

Werth Strategy

The methodology involves four different game scenarios, which should be used as a starting point for a poker bettor’s future predictions:

The game came up to the 20th minute and the score was not opened. In this case, it is advisable for the prop player to bet on a total of more than 2.5 goals, but the bookmaker’s odds should be higher than 2.00.
With 40 minutes played and the virtual goal still unlocked, Werth recommends a bet on TB 1.5 if the odds at the bookmakers’ office are higher than 2.30.
In the 70th minute and the score is still 0-0 – the strategy involves betting on a total of over 0.5 with odds over 2.00
During the starting 25 minutes of the game the opponents managed to score three goals, there is an open football, the bettor should consider the total over 5,5, and the bookmakers’ quotations are not principal.
To place his bet
Denis Werth himself, who developed the strategy, admits to having found a bug in the algorithms, so he earns stably, but some bookies consider him to be just another infobusinessman, rather than a “wizard” of computer betting. The methodology is aimed specifically at cyber football, not gamers’ rivalries.

Goal strategy for both halves

Denis Werth has once again had a hand in this strategy, claiming that real-time bookmakers should consider a goal in each half, but you should bet after the 35th minute if the scoreboard remains 0-0. In this situation, bookmakers raise the odds. The statistics show that in 23% of the games virtual goals are scored in the last minutes of the half. Once again the strategy works with cyber football, with games involving gamers the odds for such an outcome are much lower.

“Both goals scored” strategy

If real people are playing, but the strategy takes the opposite order. For cybersport events, the usual betting odds are that both teams will differ, and the betting in most cases goes through, albeit at minimal odds. A prediction that at least one opponent will not score is possible with computer simulation, and experts recommend betting on this outcome in play, if the first half ended 0-0 – the odds then are as high as possible.

Penalty Strategy

Penalty kicks are not often awarded in real football and virtual games are more advantageous for the one who plays them. The technique is best used for cyber sports competitions. The odds for the penalty shootout vary from 3 to 3.7, and bettors use a long-range strategy. It can be combined with a long-player’s tilt-up strategy to give a guaranteed winnings.

Accuracy Betting Strategy

This strategy is oriented to cyber football and the following conditions must be met for it to succeed:

The opponents have no tournament motivation.
The teams are in the second half of the standings.
Previous games between the opponents do not result in a high number of goals being scored.
The betting is on the first half.
The exact score is 0-0, and the odds on such an outcome are high enough for the trader to remain in the black even in the case of prolonged setbacks. However, you need to delve deeper into the statistics and do some calculations.

Betting strategy on favourites

The technique is justified if real cyber players are playing, and the favourite of the confrontation is losing as the game progresses. Of course, the clubs and the virtual players do not say anything, so the following indicators will help the newcomer determine the favourite:

Bookmakers’ odds. The lower the odds, the greater the difference in class between the gamers.
EA SPORTS FIFA 22 Global Series Ranking scores. The top players on this list rank as favourites.
Motivation. If the match is not particularly important to the gamer, he or she may easily “throw the game”.
This strategy implies a certain course of events. The favourite understands its status and sets itself up for an easy game. Underestimating the underdog, he concedes first. Then the favourite recovers concentration and wins the game voluntarily. The moment the favourite concedes, the odds of them winning will go up in play and it is important for the handler to be aware of this.

Live Total More Strategy

This strategy is used in both real life eSports and cyber football. The bettor watches the course of the match in real time, if the opponents are approximately equal in strength (the odds are taken into consideration, and if real gamers are playing, the rating as well). Sometimes the game goes without scoring, because the gamers simply aren’t lucky, but sooner or later the goals are unlocked, and then there is a head-to-head rivalry. There are a variety of valid total variations to consider.

How do I bet on FIFA Cyber Football?

Of course, cyber football as well as the cybersport discipline is quite different from real football on a green pitch, so there is no need to draw a parallel between these sports. Betting on FIFA has its own characteristics.

Features of FIFA Betting

Among the main features of betting on cyber sports and cyber football, experienced punters identify the following:

If you are betting on a match where real gamers meet, disregard clubs and virtual players. Evaluate the skill level and rating of the gamers.
When looking for sporting events, choose matches that are important to one of the players.
Betting on favourites before the game starts is not a good strategy, as the bookmakers offer paltry odds in this case.
By studying the line, a professional punter can spot undervalued or overvalued odds, which is what bettors take advantage of.
In the case of computer simulation, stick strictly to specific strategies, as it is often difficult to understand the logic behind the laid algorithms even for seasoned players.
When you first start betting on FIFA, start with small amounts so as not to lose your deposit.

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