Betting on Rainbow Six Siege is picking up again, and the 2023 season promises to be insanely popular. Rainbow Six is one of the most popular cyber sports disciplines, rivaling in popularity the classic terrorist versus CS GO special forces confrontation. As such, hundreds of professional cybersports teams from a wide variety of eSports countries participate in dozens of prestigious Rainbow Six Siege cybersports tournaments.

The essence and rules of Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege from developer Ubisoft Montreal is one of the most popular and challenging first-person shooters on the modern gaming market. Rainbow Six is a mix of combat simulation and tactical shooters based on rounds such as Counter-Strike, and exists in a niche that no other game fits into.

At its core, a team of three operators must make infiltrations, called invasions, into certain areas around the world. They will face not only one of the double-digit objectives in each subdivision of the map, but also the procedurally generated locations of both these objectives and enemies.

Each main level has three subsections with safe rooms. Players can reserve it for an escape point and complete the mission in each subsection, or find a safe room and continue to advance. The farther players go into the levels, the greater the risk and, of course, the reward.

No other game Ubisoft has tried the unique combination of tactical firefighting, asymmetrical roles, operator abilities and destruction-free levels that makes every match special. A variety of gadgets are available for the 26 players who participate in the match that add twists and turns to the gameplay, with no character seeming too simple or monotonous. Some gadgets change the environment (like Maverick’s wall-melting blowtorch), while others focus on intelligence and countering other technology.

Several different modes are available in Rainbow Six Siege, each of which is played differently:

  • hostage: this game mode is competitive, and the attackers must save the hostage from the defenders and the defenders must prevent it;
  • bomb: in this mode, the attackers must find and defuse one of the two bombs set on the map;
  • safe zone: the defenders must protect the room with a biohazard container, while the intruders must try to protect it in this game mode.

That’s why watching Rainbow Six Siege matches is always fun. Unique gameplay features allow you to diversify the gameplay and make it unpredictable.

Rainbow Six Siege Tournaments

Rainbow Six Siege tournaments are difficult to follow because there are so many of them. Most cybersports events are organized by a major sponsor. There may be regional tournaments throughout the year that precede the majors, but they are generally limited to one brand. Rainbow Six is different. The creators of the game allow different tournament organizers to participate, creating a mishmash of Rainbow Six divisions and tournaments around the world and throughout the year.

If you’re looking for serious odds, the Electronic Sports League (ESL) hosts a gathering of the best players, the Rainbow Six Pro League. Every reputable cybersports bookmaker will present odds for these weekly and monthly matches.

Another event to watch out for is the annual Six Invitational. It starts in January and lasts for five weeks, culminating in the game’s World Championship in February. Only the best teams in the world are invited to participate, making it one of the most anticipated cybersports events of the year in the world, and it all takes place in the game’s hometown of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

If you want to bet on big tournaments with big prize pools, you should take part in ESL’s Rainbow Six US Nationals. The results of this tournament will decide the US Nationals of the season. The event begins in April, with multiple teams, multiple qualifying rounds, and all leading up to the series finale.

These and other popular RB6 events include:

  • R6: Siege Community Cup;
  • R6: Siege Open Cup;
  • R6: Big Siege Cup;
  • R6: Siege bomb Community Cup;
  • Go4R6 ANZ Cup;
  • Go4R6 European Cup;
  • Rainbow Six Professional League;
  • Rainbow Six Cup Finals;
  • Rainbow Six U.S. Citizens;
  • Six invitations.

Lots of tournaments make it possible to bet any amount at any time. Professional bettors can always go to the website of the bookmaker’s office, watch the broadcasts and make bets both in real time and in advance.

Rainbow Six Siege betting odds: What to look out for

Dynamic and varied gameplay, dictates the features of rainbow six betting. Like in any other sport in the gameplay of Rainbow Six there are a lot of different moments that directly affect the outcome of the match. If you take them into account there is a high probability that your prediction will be accurate.

The main difference between eSports disciplines is that they can often change the rules, strategies and fashion for different gameplay chips. And the developers don’t sit still and constantly update their products, bringing something new to them. This phenomenon is called “meta”. If you understand these patterns, that you can significantly increase your winnings.

To make successful predictions and earn in Rainbow Six Siege you should follow:

  • New patches and updates from the developers – they often bring to the game new mechanics, weapons, and even unrecognizably transform it;
  • Team consistency and form – for successful bets you need to consider the current form of the team, this is well indicated by statistics from recent games;
  • The importance of tactics – even before the game starts you can judge the future tactics of the team by the characters they have chosen;
  • Cards – The cards are what affect the gameplay the most, and while the cards should be balanced, there are certain cards where it is preferable to appear on a certain side;
  • Tournament position of the teams – if the game does not decide much, the clear favorite may lose to an outsider, saving strength for future matches.

Betting on eSports is a very interesting and profitable activity, precisely because it is extremely dynamic and unpredictable. Teams change frequently, with favorites replacing outsiders in the table and vice versa. Therefore, there is always an opportunity to catch a profitable odds and earn money.

Types of bets on Rainbow Six Siege

Cybersports betting offers all sorts of bets. You can use both classic types and additional coverage, as Rainbow Six Siege has a large number of statistical indicators.

The most popular types of bets on rainbow six:

  1. Tournament bets are simple bets that require you to make a prediction on which team will win the entire tournament. They usually have average odds on tournament favorites, but bets on losers can be quite lucrative (although they are risky, so be careful).
  2. Winner of the Match . Simply put, this bet revolves around which team you think will win the match (between two teams). Again, a simple bet that most beginners and experienced players like.
  3. Most Kills is a type of special bet in which you bet on the player you think will make the most kills in a match. Usually hard to predict, but with great odds.
  4. Special bets . There are many other special bets that vary from betting shop to betting shop. They can include a bet in which you choose whether a team can use a disarm, whether a hostage will be injured, and more.

Betting can be done in both pre-match and real time. Depending on your skills and desires, you can place rainbow six bets such as single bets or express bets. Experienced players cleverly use different types of bets to make more money.

Rainbow Six Siege Betting Strategies

There is no magic strategy which will let you win every time. Use financial rainbow six betting strategies like Martingale or Flat to stay in the game longer. Understand the game, know when to bet on the favorite and when to bet on the underdog, get to know the intricacies of cyber sports and be careful with your bets. Then you can make good money in cyber sports betting and stay in the game for a long time.


2018 was the first big year for Rainbow 6 Siege in the cybersports arena. Ubisoft invested in larger prize pools for more competitions, inviting more tournament organizers to host events and more teams to participate. This brought attention to RB6 and strengthened its position as a major contender among cybersports video games.

Once you’ve mastered the specifics of the game, you can bet and earn money on the numerous tournaments that take place all over the world all the time.

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